Unheard screams

Have you ever cried so loud
that the sounds are so profound you cannot hide the wounds,

In the beginning we smile and hide the cries because, all you will ever receive is fake sighs and smiles from people giving fake care.
Head aches and heart aches from all the crying and fake laughing, is this life even fair?

It’s all but a cycle, one so vicious.
One you can end but you don’t.
You dont, because you have so much to carry on your chest for one human so it’s now, continuous.
Everyone’s always about how positivity and happiness is contiguous
but all I’m getting is negativity and again deadly infectious negativity.

So much about “honesty is key” but with what I’ve been through,                              I think I stand a right to start a protest.
If the lies could save lives, then there would be no contest.

We deeply deplore the loss of life.
But nobody to explore the real cause,
We claim to hate all violence,
but now our death-date is depicted by silence,
The rate at which depression is killing has no patience
Those who pretend to have half a conscience will atleast try understand but
at the end it feels like a one nightstand
No matter how much they seem to care they don’t really understand the matter at hand.

Emotionally I’m unconscious.
I’m not as gorgeous,
Probably not so dangerous
But be cautious
I’m just seeking happiness and at present
I’ll do anything to have it given to me as a present.


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