-More Self Love x

“Your Elevation might require Isolation”

Love Yourself, you are worth it

You know what would actually be beautiful? Loving yourself ❤️

There’s so much of “love isn’t for me” , “everybody just wants to play” , “why can’t I find the right one” thing going on top of the “nobody deserves me in this world” , “nobody loves right here” , “all aren’t loyal” ? I feel at a point we have been perpetrators of this but what about working on you? You know? Like building yourself? When was the last time you genuinely set aside time to deal with yourself and your personal issues. To actually discover yourself and get to know who you are and what you actually want from someone else/relationship or even want for yourself . There is so much you need to figure out about yourself by yourself! You need to be content and tranquil with being by yourself before you invite anybody else. People can never fill voids we have and the biggest mistake is thinking being with someone will make you whole when you feel empty by yourself. It’s such a sad illusion. 😔

Build yourself.💕 Literally. Take yourself out on dates. Figure out who you are. What you want. Your principles. Your beliefs. Not what social media furnishes or what people infuse your mind with. Take time away from this toxic world and Focus on you. You deserve your love. Your attention. It wrecks and pains me a great deal whenever I see the youth venting about hurt and all that could be avoided ( I’m a perfect example of trying to find strength and approval from other people, never gets you anywhere)

It’s so unnecessary and trust you will realize how much of a waste of time it is. How many toxic relationships have you been in? That you regret today? I literally had to learn this the hard way. Figure yourself out first.

Pray about your life. Ask God to guide you. Don’t just exist w no direction and no meaning. You’ll avoid all these issues because you will know who is and isn’t for you when you know you.

You will definitely know what you stand for and what you believe in. Self growth is so important. Realizing this sooner will save you so much stress. Don’t flaunt your “growth” or your glow or how much happier you are without the people you have cut off. Are you happy with YOURSELF? Or you just want us to recognize you? Is your heart good? Is your emotional health, mental health sun kissed as well? Is your spiritual life glowing as well? Growth isn’t better pictures or whatever.

WORK ON actual intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual growth etc


❤️ – Zoleka Valerie Hoko 👑


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