– Zoleka

Mood whenever Anxiety tries me. We aren’t here for that negativity , not with the God we serve!❤️

So I wrote this poem about a month or two ago and I’ve just been skeptical about whether to post it or not because I felt it came from a place of me opening up to what i have dealt with in the past and that is not easy.

But anyways, After consulting my creative/Blogging team (Holy Spirit , Myself & I ) we decided it would be a good idea to share it ❤️

Zoleka [noun] A state of being calm , tranquil and untroubled after a storm/challenge. Place of Serenity (at last)

I survived

the dark and tormenting nights

the ghastly terrors and

saddening sights,

I survived

the challenging and wrecking times that

most only took off because of my

never ending cries

I survived

the stabs of pain I felt

when ever she screamed out how nobody

needed me

I survived

the immense acrimony I felt

towards those who’d found


A perfect night would be intruded by her

she’d budge into my peace and tranquillity

and fight me

Fight me because

I knew she was no good

but she insisted to stay

on most nights

she’d be victorious

win over my confidence, over my mind

she’d leave me at dawn

In tears

Intoxicated by her words

and lost in my thoughts

I’d wake up in abysmal despair

drowning in fear,

fear of when she’d next pay me a visit

“A visit”

a visit you’d anticipate excitement

and joy

but she brought me a handful of hate and a good serving of fear

I’d see a group of friends and thinking of saying hie

She’d scream and screech right in my face reminding me of how unwanted I was

I cried for mercy at the hands of a hideous monster

One that had crippled me and forbid my growth

i needed an antidote

She was a poison

But one day,

One fateful day for her

a blissful one for me

I knew I’d had enough

Enough of her acrimony

enough of an unhappy life with no harmony

the relationship was soul destroying

and it had to end

the wounds had to heal

I called her out by name

told her my life was no game

and it couldn’t remain the same

She lashed out at my new found confidence

the audacity and boldness I spoke with

she tried me w her coldness

and reminded me how she was ‘ANXIETY’

and she’d always find a way back to me

I told her never.

Not with the God I serve.

Not with the Love he lavishes upon me

I found my Zoleka from acquiring Zoë 😊❤️


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  2. shalom says:

    Wtf! This mind blowing.

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